Feb 20, 2009

Good news (almost).

The team is OK! No injuries and they will make it on time for tomorrow flight.
Now the part of story I know:
They've been evacuated by the military Chilean helicopter from the mountains close to the finish area. It happened just today. Druce and Sara are totally fine, Val and Mark were taken to the hospital in Punta Arenas with hypothermia, but should be released in one hour.
They are coming to the Dulles airport (IAD) 11:51pm Sunday, flight COPA-488 from Panama City. I will be there to pick them up. 
I hope next post will be a story they will write themselves.

More good news, thanks to Jen for the link:


  1. Joel-Untamed AdventureFeb 20, 2009, 9:19:00 PM

    Good to hear that Team Calleva are doing fine. They should be proud of themselves for what they've accomplished. It's a tough expedition!

  2. Thanks for the update -- the PER website has nothing about them so I was getting really concerned for them.

  3. Finally, some news...
    Agree with Grant, such a big expedition and absolutely no updates.

  4. Thanks Dima,
    Yes we were concerned but knew that they would be just fine.

  5. More news of the team...


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