Apr 12, 2010

Training this weekend

Come join us this Sunday for 12 hours half night, half day AR training at the Elizabeth Furnace.

We will start 2am (YES 2 AM) Sunday MORNING from the Elizabeth Furnace trailheads parking lot. We will leave the parking lot at 2:30 the latest. We will run and navigate at night, we will bike on forest roads and some simpler singletrack. We will train transitions from bike to run and back, and repeat everything during the day. The whole training will take about 12 hours, but you can leave earlier, if you want. You also can try to come later and wait for us at the parking lot, but it might be a while until we get back.


  • Mountain bike with bright front light and rear red light. *
  • Biking helmet, biking shoes.
  • Pump and Spare tube for your bike.
  • Really bright headlight. *
  • Running shoes. 2 pairs would be better.
  • Spare socks.
  • Backpack with hydration system.
  • Racing food.
  • Water and water purification tablets.
  • Compass.
  • First aid kit.
* items with star are mandatory for night. We will not ride with you, if you don't have biking helmet. If you are serious about the race in May, consider to have all gear from the race list (click the gear tab).

Please let Dima know, if you want to have a topo map of the area (similar one will be used on the race in May), or just get National Geographic's Trails Illustrated #792 to have some navigational fun.
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