Jul 7, 2009

Going North!

Team Calleva (Dima, Karen and Vlad) packing up for the 3 day 250 mile Untamed New England adventure race starting Thursday. We managed to fit our bins into 30 lb limit and our next challenge is 12 hours drive to the beautiful Balsams Grand Resort Hotel.

The race has on-line coverage and every team will have satellite trekking device. To see our real time location follow this link. To cheer us up send us a trail mail.
This race we will care photo camera with us on the course and promise tons of photos after the race.
Our team is Calleva, our number is 41.

Team Calleva is sponsored by Calleva Outdoor Adventure. Thank you guys!


  1. Good luck team - Dima, please don't hurt your knee because I dont want Vlad and Karen to have to carry you!

  2. GOOD LUCK TEAM! Good luck Knee! I sure hope Karen & Vlad do not have to carry any extra weight!!!!! We love you guys, Matt


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