Oct 4, 2008

Why you don't want to calculate results...

...immediately after the race? Because you are going to make mistakes. We did it after Calleva race and NYARA guys did it after "The Shag" ranking us in front of Berlin Bikes. Today the final results are published. We are 4th in prime division and no national qualifier for us. The only slot we have now is with Sara. But we are going to keep Zanfel we got for the "3rd place".
Today was the Markoff Haunted Forest training and opening day. It's much bigger this year. Come visit us, we're doing belay. That's a good opportunity to test Calleva race challenges. On the photo is very busy Calleva director Alex Markoff.

And finally Calleva team page is on. Click the link on the top of the page to see our racers for this and next season.

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