Sep 6, 2008

Stay inside if you can...

...and if you don't, stay away from any water. That what my car radio told me few times on the way to Calleva office. According to the empty roads all normal people believed in tropical storm, gusty wind and heavy rain... We didn't. The worth conditions were predicted for 1 pm and 1 hour before that time we took off for the team Calleva paddling training. 

The plan was simple: 7 miles upstream to and around Van Deventer Island and 7 miles back. On the way visiting islands and removing orienteering bags, remaining there after the Calleva race. I don't know what normal people call heavy rain, but we had to pump the water out from the canoe every 20 minutes. 

The training was the last test of the Calleva racing canoe before Untamed Virginia race next weekend. I made new configuration for the leg supports and new attachment of the portage wheels as a middle seat. Everything worked out great. 3 hours under the rain with frequently stops to pump the water and remove the flags brought us back to Seneca Creek.

It was high and fast. Real white water river. Or better to say brown. We had no chance to paddle upstream to the boat ramp and hardly did it under the Seneca Aqueduct to the fist take out spot. I took few picture trying to protect the camera from the rain, while Val was pumping the water out. Click each photo to see the perfect training conditions. And Karen, welcome to the team!
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